Fireball Hard Cider Cocktail

Welcome to the season of holiday drinks (like December is somehow different from any other time in the year!)

I recently had the chance to skip picking up Liv from the bus, and having a few drinks with co-workers.  It was a rare, but much needed experience for me!  We do go out to restaurants as a family often, I rarely get to go out on my own.

On this night, I Ordered wine, two others ordered drinks and the fourth... she ordered a cider beer with a shot of Fireball.  Whoa.  It was only a Tuesday.

My first, and only experience, was a couple months ago at a wedding where it was suggested we do shots.  I hadn't done a shot in about 4 years, so this wasn't going to go well.  I coughed and laughed like a freshman in college.  Proud moment when you can't hang like you're 19 anymore.

But anyway, she wasn't ordering the shot to take all on it's own, she mixed it with the cider.  I was intrigued!  And for Christmas, it just so happened that the same instigator of the Fireball Wedding shot gave me my very own bottle to try.  So I did!

The recipe is simple:

1 bottle hard cider (we like Angry Orchard around this house)
1 shot of Fireball, or other cinnamon whiskey of your choice.
Pour both into a glass and drink up!

Cheers and Merry Christmas!

I also tried one with caramel-flavored vodka!  Check it out {here}

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