Caramel Apple Cider Cocktail

I love all-things caramel all-year long.  I do not restrict my caramel-filled treats to the fall, when there are apple orchards and pies and such.  It just so happens that it's Christmas, so there's a tree in the background, but trust me, this is a simple cocktail that will make an appearance just as easily in the summertime!

All too easy, simply pour a chilled bottle of your favorite hard cider with a shot of caramel-flavored vodka in a glass and sip (or slurp) away!  Be warned, the caramel vodka is sweet - and you're basically drinking two cocktails at once, so do so at your own risk (or reward, as the case may be!)

I also made a Fireball Cider cocktail!  Check it out {here}

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