So What Wednesday

It's back!  I was so pumped when I saw Shannon mention she's got this post on her docket for the week.  Wednesdays are my favorite - not only because of Matt Bellassai and Whine About It, but also because I get to do my own whining (and wine-drinking) with you fine people.

So make sure you all head over to Shannon and see what she's got going on this week too!

This week (or the relative past few weeks for that matter) I'm saying SO WHAT:

  • The last time I dusted my house when I put the Halloween decorations out.  That was four weeks ago.  And it will probably happen again around Christmas, and then the take-down.  And maybe once in the summer when the sun hits a surface just right and I can see that Avery has written her name 7 times in the dust.
  • I like the new Adele song, but I don't think it's her best work.  Maybe the rest of the album will blow me out of the water.  However, being a super fan I will sing it at the top of my lungs in the car. Make no mistake, I have already pre-ordered if from iTunes.
  • I am already sick of political campaigns and we don't even have names on the ticket yet.  Barf.
  • Likewise, if Trump is elected, Nate, the girls and I will be moving to Europe. Immediately.  I feel like we won't be the only ones.
  • I am a firm believer in celebrating one holiday before moving on to the the next.  It pains me a great deal to be working in reds and greens for my Etsy shop, but hey - you gotta give the people what they want!
  • Friday mornings, I have been bringing Avery to the library in the morning under the pretense that she can find new books and play with the toys there.  Real reason - so I can read my OWN book in a somewhat adult setting and not have to stop to:  help get a snack, wipe someone else's ass or breakup a sister-fist-fight.
What are you saying SO WHAT to this week?

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