A lot has happened in the last week, not only for me, but for the world.  Major events, like those in Paris, or even minor ones in our own cities, often put things into perspective.  My frustrations over dirty dishes seem petty in the grand scheme of things.   I am praying for the day when our children only read about these things in history books, and never have to witness hatred first-hand.

One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis.  It's the book for my wine book club.  I also have The Martian checked out from the library, so I need to get crackin' on that one too!

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Cold, fall rain hitting my window, and DVR.  Right now, I'm catching up on The Good Wife.  I love "Denny" and always will.

I really need to get our "toy room" situation in order for Christmas hits.  These kids have SO MUCH STUFF.  A good purge would make me very, very happy.  Same goes for the girls' closet.  I've been hanging on to baby blankets ... for what?  Some stuff is sentimental, but I need to pack that away for good and give the rest away!

Candles.  They've become my latest home obsession.  I light one every afternoon and leave them on til after the girls go to bed.  It gives me a (sometimes false) sense that I've got a clean enough house to have a spot to have a lit candle.

Zippy Ranch Pretzels and Beer Cheese Dip.  Recipes coming soon.  Such a yummy snack, I eat a little (or a lot) just about every day for the past 2 weeks!
Avery would give up her paci for good one of these days.  She wants to, but it's too hard.  And I don't have the strength to fight her night after night over it.

In the past few days, I've been layering skinnies with scarves and my puffy vest.  Soon enough I'll have to swap things out for a down jacket and snow boots, so I've got to rock the "fall" as long as I can!

My wine tasting weekend.  The weather was gorgeous, we hit up some "local" spots without the kids and just got to be adults for a change.  On the flip side, I am not in love with "Movember."  Too scratchy.  Ick.

A new home.  Just a little more space, another bedroom would be fantastic.  Some day.
More sleep.  The past week or so I've been "newborn" tired.  Staying up late because the kids have sucked so much of the daylight hours - and I love most of it.  But I need to wind down, and then it gets late, and then they're up early.  I'm to the point of laughter or tears at any given moment.

I've found a new link up for my (somewhat sporadic) currently posts!  Check out siddathornton for more!

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