Do you ever look around and compare yourself to others?

Of course you do!!!

You're human!  You're a feeling, vulnerable, most-likely exhausted, slightly sticky person.

I am going to attempt this month to have gratitude in each day.  Not only for my own sanity, but that of my family.  I am trying to not turn into a walking version of a fortune cookie here, but a friend of mine made this phrase her Facebook cover photo:

Gratitude is what happens when what we have is Enough.

Wow, right? And so true. I'll be the first to admit that I am guilty of the constant comparison, even when I don't want to.

So, this feeling lent itself to my next FREE printable for blog fans!  {Grab the first one here}

I've designed these darling reminders, and you can have them.  For free!  Take your pick, and you can have either a PDF or JPG version of one or all of them!

And this goes without saying, but no selling or distributing these with my consent, got it?  Be cool man.

Enjoy dear friends.  Be happy.  Be You.

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