Summer Activity Printables

The school year is winding down which means that I will have my children in my home constantly.

It's something I am both excited for and dreading.

Sunny days are easy.  We can play outside, or go to the pool.  Simple.
Not so sunny days, or nights, that's where we need ideas.

I took some inspiration from Pinterest and created some super simple printable worksheets to fill out with my girls.

Olivia is old enough that she can print her own, and I'll help Avery with some of her own 4-year-old ideas.  I see some fun markers in our future to jazz these lists up!

Click to print blank lists for:

outdoor activities
quiet time activities
acts of kindness
bucket list

Happy Summer everyone!

For personal use only please.


Kelsey Inkol said...

What a cute idea! Definitely a good way to truly enjoy summer! :) Thanks for sharing

Olivia Youngs said...

Love this idea! I. Having a hard time coming up with easy things to do with my 18 month old other than swim, so this will be great inspiration!


Mrs ABC said...

PRINTABLES!!!!! omg i love them!!!

Kerry Bisig said...

These are awesome! My baby is only 4 months old but these would be great for me! They would remind me do something with myself during nap times, etc. :)

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