Pomegranate Pear Martini

This post talks about two of my favorite things:  summery drinks and summery love.

In a few weeks, the hubs and I will celebrate eight years of marriage.  I'll give you time to get all your well-wishes and cards in the mail.

During the cocktail hour of our reception, we (my parents) hosted the bar and passed appetizers, and among the beer and wine flowing from the bartenders, we also had a signature drink:  a pomegranate and pear martini.  For those who were there, I'm sure you'll remember people rushing the waiters carrying trays of them - and then the group of friends who made towers from their empties.  None broke, I promise!

I wish I had a darling antidote to go along with this, but at the time, I really liked martinis and we had pink and green as our colors.  They matched my decor, and tasted yummy, so I was sold.

Walking down memory lane, we decided to recreate the mix.  And because it was eight years ago and we didn't really have a recipe, but told our hotel caterer what we wanted, it took some trial and error to get it right.  Or right enough.  Taste testing cocktails.  Tough business I'm in here, right?

Keep in mind, this is a summer drink, but also a martini.  Read martinis = heavy on the booze.  If there are no objections, we'll continue

Gather up:

martini shaker
martini glass(es)
plenty of ice
pear vodka
pomegranate juice
lemon-lime soda, or soda water will do too

After much trial and error (but error isn't right, because those got consumed too!) we came to this ratio.  Keep in mind that this is based on an 8 oz martini glass.  If yours are smaller, watch when you pour or your glass will overflow.  Math seems unfair when there's drinking involved, but at least it's not as critical as when you're baking.

1.5 oz vodka to 2.5 oz juice (we doubled this)  Fill your shaker 1/2 full with ice and add liquids.  Cover and shake well, maybe 10 seconds or so, and pour into chilled glass.

Ha.  Chilled glass.  I'm just glass we have clean glass wear when I want to use it!  But it sounds fancy, right?  We're all about fancy here.

Fill to the brim with lemon-lime soda or soda water.

Garnish with pear slice or pomegranate seeds.  They make them look so pretty, but not required.  Again, fancy, but I'm not interested in eating a fruit salad.

We made virgin cocktails for the kiddos during our taste testing with a cup of lemon-lime soda and a splash of pomegranate juice, just like a kiddie cocktail.  And no, we didn't give them martini glasses, but if I had plastic ones I would've been tempted!

Cheers friends!

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