Hey Stranger

Well my oh my, where have you been?

Oh wait.  It's me that's been missing.  And I don't even have a good excuse.  No huge roadblock in my life that prevented me from writing except for LIFE.  I hit a wall - I couldn't keep complaining about Avery's tantrums, or lack of pooping (which took a very long time to work itself out so to speak) or Liv's drama; and the good stuff too - look how cute my kids are, they're growing up so fast...

So I stopped.

It has been an embarrassing YEAR-LONG absence, and I'm sorry.  I hope you'll forgive me, and jump back into this world with me.

So why am I back, you ask?

I have come to realize that I missed this outlet.  The place to be honest with perfect strangers (and some pretty good friends too!), and sure, some may leave a snarky comment or two, but they are no worse than the nagging, judgmental voice in my head. Plus, more often that not, I get good, encouraging feedback, and that feels good.

What have I been up to, you ask?  Just consider this my Christmas Card letter, except for it's not Christmas, and I'm not spending a dime on postage.

{dear darling bloggy friends}

Over the summer, I was promoted to Marketing Director, which was awesome.  I still get to work part-time and pretend to be super-mom half of the week.  Most days I can drop Liv off for 1st grade, and get Avery off to preschool.  I'm always home when Liv gets off the bus, and I like knowing that I can be there.

I started running (again), and it just so happen to be around the first of the year, but it wasn't for a New Years Resolution - it was for our awesome trip to Turks & Caicos (more to come on that trip another day!)  My shin splints are terrible, so I need to switch it up more often than I do, but then I wouldn't have the excuse to have Nate rub my feet and legs every night.

I have remained close with my mommy-parners in crime.  Summer is just around the corning and I'm so looking forward to playdates at the pool!  My tan is fading more than I'd like, and I need the vitamin D.

I still love Pino Grigio, though my newest go-to beverage is vodka and diet tonic with lots of lime.

I am still caring, honest and kind.  For the most part - I'm still allowed a few (dozen) crazy days.


Seeing how my last post was a "currently" installment, I suppose I'll just bookend it and get everyone back up to speed on the "important stuff"

The usual suspects like Survivor and Mad Men, but have also added The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and House of Cards on Netflix while I'm at the gym, as well as crap TV like Finding Carter and Southern Charm.  Ask me Monday morning and you know Game of Thrones will be on the list!

I am still in love with my Kindle Paperwhite and haven't read a "real" book since it arrived!  I read a ton over vacation, but at this very minute I am reading What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty.  I should be reading The Secret Keeper for my book club, but I'm still #16 on my library's waitlist.  I'm dragging my feet on the $10 purchase for my Kindle.

{listening to}
I still refuse to play "kids" music in the car, so when we're driving around, the girls and I rock out to "Shut Up and Dance," "Love Me Like You Do," and "Geronimo."

Dinners.  This may seem small, but with school schedules and getting to the gym and all of it, we didn't have many nights at home to eat around the table.  I know I can expect this more and more, but my kids are only 4 and 6 - we should be able to find more nights to eat together.

Cautiously optimistic.  I've said I'm excited to start blogging again, but then there's the pressure to deliver on a consistent basis.  Fingers crossed I can stay inspired - if all else fails, I'll just post duck-face selfies (or not.)

A parent-only weekend away.  Or thinking about it.  Nate and I haven't traveled alone since our honeymoon - our 8th anniversary is this June (in case you wanted to mark your calendar to send flowers or cash.)

The feeling that I am taking more control of my own happiness.  So often, I want other people to try to make me happy, and then I think "What the hell am I waiting for?"  You want to go do something - do it.  Obviously, dropping everything to tour Europe at this point is out of the question, but if it's reasonable - go for it!


Shannon Dew said...

WOO! Glad to see your face again! I miss good ole blogging too!

OT and ET said...

Blogging is always the first thing to go and then I wish I hadn't! Currently keeps me honest on that front :) But I also find it's pretty much the only time I post these days. Sigh. So! Thanks for linking up and OMG Turks... we went there when Otto was 2 (so it's been 4 years ago) and it was the most amazing, amazing trip. Ok, well... I hop to see you on Currently again this week! -L

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