DIY Painted Tote Bag {and giveaway}

This tote bag is the perfect project for an afternoon.  I can say that in all honesty, because I did it with two great gals.  And some wine.  And a little help of Disney and chicken nuggets to help the kiddos over the hump so we could finish everything!

If crafting (or cutting vinyl) isn't your thing, have no fear - these adorable totes can still be yours!  I have a few styles listed on my Etsy shop, with more coming soon!  Oh!  And there's a giveaway at the end of this post! Lots of fun here today!

Okay!  One with the tutorial!

Gather up some supplies:
  • Canvas bag of your choosing.  If you're handy enough to sew one, be my guest.  I am not THAT crafty, so I bought mine at JoAnn Fabrics.
  • Fabric or multi-purpose acrylic paint - make sure that it says it can be used on fabric without a textile medium (or you'll need that too!)
  • Foam brushes and paint pallet (aka paper plate)
  • Vinyl cut with your choice of pattern.  I have a Cricut, so this was easy for me.  You could also design with scissors and painters tape.  Or even a store-bought stencil, just tape down securely so paint doesn't leak beneath it.
  • Glass of wine (kidding, but not really)

Using a foam brush and a little bit of paint, start dabbing in whatever pattern, random or otherwise you'd like. 

I went for random, starting with a few colors here and there, and moving on to the next, going back at the end to fill in the gaps, trying to not have colors touch, but that was my style.  

Wait about 20 minutes in-between coats;  I used two coats of the solid colors and three for the glitter. Once you're satisfied with coverage, let your paint dry at least an hour before peeling off your vinyl.  Take care and wait if there are an big, not-quite dry globs that might gather on the vinyl, you don't want that to smear on your bag when you're peeling it off!

 When you're done, you'll have a super darling bag that will be great for so many things!

Oh, and I made one in "hearts" too!

So now here's the giveaway I promised!  One tote of your choice to the winner!  Contest ends on Thursday, April 30 12 AM CST.  Good luck!  And remember, dry those tears if you don't win - I may have a super sweet deal announced when I announce the winner so you can still get your bag - or six!

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Trafty said...
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Trafty said...
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Trafty said...

Super cute model! You make this look so easy - like even I could do it... hmmm, you may have inspired me.

I love the turquoise and hot pink combo!

latanya t said...

orange and white

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