I just love to binge watch, and make no apologies.  I am re-watching Orange is the New Black to "refresh" myself for the season three premiere in June.  When that's done, I plan to start Bloodline, another Netflix original.  Anyone watched that yet??

I finished The Secret Keeper (which was really good); and then I finished What Alice Forgot which was also pretty good.  They were both stories told through different story-tellers across many years, which I love.  "Alice" didn't have a great twist or surprise ending, but it was tied up neatly, so I was grateful that I wasn't left hanging.  This reminds me I need to update my Book List for 2015.

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Amazon Prime music.  We paid for it - might as well use it instead of Pandora and those stupid ads!

A list of things to blog.  Some are funny things, some are crafty things, and some are food things.  I like to eat, so spoiler alert on what you'll see the most of!

A little deflated.  Work, home and the kids have all been challenging lately and I'm looking for inspiration.  I'm trying to fall in love with the little things that I used to - like reading, cooking and crafting.  Instead, they're feeling more like a chore, which is the exact opposite of what I'm hoping for.  I just having found the right thing, I guess.

To brave five days with Nate in Amsterdam.  I know the girls are going to miss him, and that can either make them really cuddly and sweet, or evil and wild.  Fingers crossed for the first option.

Well, it's a really a love/hate feeling.  Last week, weather here was gorgeous.  Mid-70s; flip flops, pink cheeks from the sun.  Now it's maybe 40 degrees, cloudy and awful.  The metrologist is all happy when they say "no accumulating snow," which means that there will be snow, just none that sticks.  What a joy.

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