boredom busters

Only the boring are bored.  Or does that only apply to adults.  Kids get bored all the time!

I created this project awhile back, mostly because the kids were driving me batty asking every 10 minutes, "What can I do, what can I do??"

A simple solution that has had some staying power.  I used a tin bucket from Target's dollar section, some washi tape that I had on hand, and fat popsicle sticks from some other random project at some point.

A little Pinterest research and I compiled my list of activities that I knew they could do.  Customize for your kids - for example, I did not include "practice instrument" because they don't have one yet.  I added in extra "chores" because for some reason my kids love to clean.  Not clean up after themselves, mind you, but clean.  They certainly didn't get that from me.

Very easy and if it turned out to be a total fail, I was out the buck on the tin bucket that could easily double as a sandbox toy.  No harm, no foul.

But to my delight, it worked!

Granted, Avery still thinks that if she wants to "do something" she needs to weed through the sticks to find the one that reads her choice.  I try to explain - the sticks are for if you don't know what you want to do, not if you do!  But the search-and-recover task just keeps her busy for that much longer, so I don't worry too much!

Not every stick works every time - if it's raining, outside stuff is obviously off the table.  So redraw, no biggie.  It's not a hard and fast rule, just suggestions - so I don't have to keep thinking of things!

To help get you started, here's the list I used:
  • draw
  • coloring books
  • journal
  • write a letter
  • do a workbook
  • play dress-up
  • play house
  • play outside
  • chalkboard wall (cleaning is very easy with this trick)
  • 20-minutes of iPhone
  • chore, your choice
  • chore, mom's choice
  • play rice (with this colored rice)
  • dance party
  • puppet show
  • play dough
  • play hair salon
  • make a snack
  • yoga
  • clean your room
  • spelling words
  • Legos
  • Rainbow Loom
  • play tea party
  • ride bikes
Hopefully this will get your creative juices flowing and aid in the fight against bored kids!

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