Petite Promises Lead to Clean Laundry

**Mom, Dad, in-laws, please skip this post.  If you read it, do it at your own risk and know that you've been warned.**

Back in January, I made some promises to myself to try to do more of the things I love.  Yoga.  Reading.  Sex.  Yes.  I am a married woman and I'd like to have more sex with my husband.  Who knew?

I have since read three books, working on the fourth.  I have gone to more yoga classes, and started running more (even signed up for the Color Run here in Minneapolis in July) and yes, had more sex.

I asked Nate if he was comfortable with my talking about this, to which he scoffed, "Let the world know that we're doing it more?  Yep.  Totally on board with that."

This post is not to toot my own horn, so to speak, but to encourage those wives out there who might be stuck in the same place I was before I decided to make the effort to be more intimate with my husband.  I get the excuses we all give:  too tired, feeling fat, too bloated, might be getting my period, the kids might wake up, what if he doesn't enjoy it, what if I don't enjoy it.

We as women are very good at putting up road blocks for ourselves.  I say I make the effort.  It wasn't that I made the decision to do the sexy-time more often and all of a sudden those voices shouting excuses were quieted.  Even after knowing the end result will *ahem* be exactly as I'd like, it still takes a little internal-self-pep talk to get me to make the suggestion.  But the pep talk is always worth it.

I have said before: sex is (sometimes) like going to the gym.  You get all excited; it sounds like an amazing thing to do for yourself and your body and then when it comes down to driving over to the gym, finding parking, getting the kids checked in, actually exerting the energy and overcoming all the other roadblocks you put in place, you risk talking yourself out of a really great experience for yourself.   Get over it.  Rip the bandaid, make it work, just do it.  Your efforts will be rewarded.

Oh I almost forgot the other huge plus with this promise!  Laundry.  Mountains and mountains of clean laundry.  And dishes.  And an awareness of clutter (though that could still use some work, maybe add an extra night into the rotation - HA!)

Funny thing:  more sex for me makes me feel good, happy, and more connected with the hubs - turns out, it does the same thing for him!  Happy husband, happy life - it doesn't have the same cute rhyme as the female counterpart, but the sentiment rings true.  A happier husband is almost always willing to go the extra mile to make more time in your day - probably so you've got that extra time to lock the door and lose a few articles of clothing, but who cares about his motives.  From where I'm standing it's all a win win!

I'm not telling you to whore yourself out to get a load of laundry done.  I'm encouraging you to consider the benefits of the occasional toe-curling experience PLUS not having to fold a load of tiny socks and princess undies.  And I would be willing to bet money, your husband will be super supportive of this new method of checking off some of the household cleaning to-do items.  Promise.

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