Gluten-Free: Four Weeks In

This Sunday marks four weeks since I made the decision to cut gluten from my diet.   My body feels better, I haven't had to pop Advil for pain or soreness, my tummy feels better, my pants fit better, I feel like I have energy (though I'm still mommy-exhausted, I don't see that changing with diet!)

I haven't been able to remain 100% gluten-free.  I knew traveling would be tricky and I did eat a hamburger bun (it was heaven) and drink beer with my family.  My heart didn't stop and my stomach didn't explode, but I could tell something was off - more than the late nights of playing "Cards Against Humanity."  It's funny that before I ate whatever I wanted and just felt "normal."  Now I can tell when I eat something that doesn't agree with me.  It's not enough to level me for the day, but enough that I feel gross and tired.

Enough to make me want to stick with this.

And I'm not expecting people to change their ways just because I've changed mine.  Nate can eat a Jimmy Johns sandwich and I only get a little jealous.  The girls can snack on goldfish crackers and PB&J all day long.  In fact, Liv thinks she's "special" because "I can eat whatever I want.  And mom, you're special because you can't have gluten.  We're all special."

Dinners will more than like default to gluten-free just because that's the time when we all eat together, so if I can't easily leave the breading off a baked chicken breast, we're probably going to have gluten-free pasta or rice for dinner.  If we eat out, I can find something to eat.  If we eat at someone's home, I can find something, or if worse comes to worse, my manners will always win and I'll have my courtesy bite.  This is my choice, I'm not expecting someone to try to stock their pantry to feed me one mean (gluten-free ingredients aren't cheap!)

Come summer, hot dog buns and cold beer might win when I'm poolside, but at the rate this winter is clinging on, I've got some time to make that decision.

Read more about my gluten-free journey {here} and {here}


Christi said...

When I was pregnant I developed an allergy to gluten so I attempted to do the gluten free thing. But it was so expensive to feed a family of three on it so I decided to go paleo. It has been cheaper for us, my family has started to make healthier food choices and we all feel great. I don't really miss gluten products. I had a bite of bread the other day and it kind of grossed me out. I can't wait to read more about your journey.

Young Rubbish said...

Good for you! I've been thinking about going gluten free for awhile now... My mom went gluten free for about six months and lost 30 pounds.... Good luck to you!!

Young Rubbish

Shailynn Krow said...

I have had massive stomach issues since last November. So I went gluten-free to see if it helped. Unfortunately, it didn't make a difference but we kept with it for the most part. I rarely eat gluten and when I do, it's in small amounts. It's rough at first, I know, but you're doing good.

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