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Frozen.  On repeat.  I can't wait for another kids' movie to come out so I can get new songs stuck in my head.

US Weekly and the Food Network magazines that I'm two months behind.  They make me sad and hungry and miss real pasta and bread!

{listening to}
Frozen.  Did you miss that one before?  It's all the kids sing, recite, want to listen to in the car.  I have to play mean mom and demand that we listen to something OTHER than "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" for the 1,897th time.

Lots and lots and lots of wine mugs!  And I have new acrylic tumblers that will be out just in time for those spring picnics and summer soccer games!  {buy yours here}

Like I miss real bread and pasta.  Staying strong with this gluten-free thing, and my health has improved but I'm a little sad when I have to say "I can't eat that."  I just want a damn sandwich from Potbelly's!!!

A weekend night away from my kids.  Whole night.  Date night.  Trying to convince the hubs we should get a hotel and make a night of it downtown.  Happy wife, happy life, right?

That Liv is back in school and we're getting back to a normal schedule.  Spring Break was awesome and I loved having her home with me, but it's very obvious our family thrives on somewhat of a routine, even if we're not always very good at sticking to it!

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Jamie said...

Lots of frozen over here too!

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