Ever wonder what everyone else is doing with their days?  Maybe I do because I'm constantly internet stalking bloggers and people on Instagram.  Anyway, in case you were curious about little 'ole me…

Currently, I am:

Smutty reality TV like Being Farrah and Survivor.  PS, Farrah is the biggest adult-sized brat.  She is so rude to her parents and demanding of her daughter, it makes my stomach hurt.

I am thisclose to finishing When I Found You.  It's so sweet, and I want to finish it before tomorrow so I can borrow a new, free book on my Kindle.  Sidenote, I may have a slight addiction to Amazon Prime.  Time to scour my {reading list} for the next one!

{listening to}
"New" kid friendly songs, like "Happy" or even "Wrecking Ball" (Avery does a great job belting out the chorus!) that do not include the soundtrack to Frozen being on permanent repeat in my car.  Love the songs, they're amazing.  I am hearing them in my dreams, and I have to draw the line somewhere!  Oh and a lot of ZZ Ward to prep for her concert we're going to on March 22nd!

Chocolate chip cookies for our weekend away that I can't eat.  Gluten-free has done me some good, and it's be a worthwhile sacrifice, but sometimes you just want a damn cookie, ya know?

Anxious about the watermark this weekend.  Olivia will be amazing, I have no fears for her.  I am worried that Avery will panic, not want to participate, just sit on me the whole time.  Or the other side is she has a blast and forgets to use the potty and we're the family that closes down the watermark because she pooped.  I know, I'll bring swim diapers, but what if she doesn't want to wear them?  Then there's that fight to have.  Basically, she's been in such a great mood lately (mostly because she HAS been pooping in the potty) and I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Fingers crossed...

A 3-night trip at the Kalahari.  As of now, the girls are packed.  Nate and I are not.  But Nate brought up a good point, money aside, we could leave our house with absolutely nothing and stop at the Wal-Mart just a few miles down the road from our resort and get everything we need.

The promise of a little family-time away.  This winter has been dreadful and cold and I am looking forward to some warm, clement-controlled fun!

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Crista Hebel said...

I love your "Currently" format! Actually,I love your entire BLOG! I found you via the linkup. So cute, I can't wait to come back and spend more time :D You should come enter my giveaway for some adorable baby moccs ;)
xo Crista @ Hands and Hearts More Than Full

Randalin @ Harvesting Kale said...

Have an amazing time on your mini-holiday! I think we are all in desperate need for a time-out from this winter!

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