Valentine's Milk & Cookie Snack

Want to make a super-mom snack with very little effort?  Me too!

I'm not a super baker or anything, but there's usually chocolate chip cookies in our house, and they make a perfect after-school snack for Olivia.  Look at me, little Becky Homecky!  I don't even have a post for them on my blog because my secret receipt is Nestle Tollhouse.  Don't mess with a good thing, you know?

But I can make this snack a little sweeter with a silicone mold, milk and some food coloring.  Being that Valentine's Day is right around the corner, pink hearts make perfect sense, but this is a treat that has lots of legs - and needs no holiday to celebrate!

I used 1/2 c of milk and several drops of food coloring, then carefully poured my milk into the mold.  Place in freezer for a few hours, until set (I did this during nap and the cubes were good to go 3 hours later.)

Perfect snacks for these two sweethearts…

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