Gluten-Free: First Days

I have decided to try eating gluten-free.  After doing some reading on the adverse reactions that gluten can have on a body (bloating, joint pain, potty-problems) eliminating gluten seems like an easy way to see if that helps with my issues.  Well, those health issues.  I have other issues that only date-nights and a tall drink can help.

Also, I'm trying this (sadly) as part of the health food fad that gluten-free diets have become.  Considering that most of the unhealthy items that I tend to indulge in (aside from wine and vodka) all contain gluten.  Trying to avoid gluten, I can then avoid those unhealthy things.

I have no idea if this is going to make one lick of difference, but it's worth a shot.  And it gives me something to write about, because I've hit a bit of a dry spell lately.

I started Sunday, and made a little pack with myself to try it for one week.  Easy enough.  If I feel better, great.  If I don't - no harm, no foul.

Sunday went well.  I absent-mindedly ate two vanilla wafers in the church nursery and a bite of Liv's chicken nugget at dinner without even thinking, but I did pretty well.  We had tacos for lunch (Rusty Taco in Minnesota in case you're wondering and they're delicious!), and ate the corn tortillas instead of flour ones.  At dinner, I was able to eat the soup we made with our friends, and avoided the corn muffin.  I again, forgot and grabbed one, started to unwrap it and then quickly slid it on to Nate's plate.

The real question - how did I feel Monday morning?

Not too shabby.  And I even indulged in a bit (OK a lot) of wine with our friends over Cards Against Humanity, and still didn't feel tired, achey or sick to my stomach.

I've had energy, went and did some yoga and felt super strong.  The strength may have been because I was the youngest person in my class by about 25 years.  But who cares, I felt great!  Meals have gone well - I have rice chef for breakfast, quinoa for lunch and scrambled eggs for dinner.  To be fair, I intended on making chicken and risotto tonight, but Nate is this close to finishing our floor - thus giving me my house and husband back!

Tomorrow is another day, but I'll be at work with lots of ladies who are also gluten-free, for legitimate health reasons, so I'll have their love and support there!

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Jamie said...

I hope it continues to help you feel better!

Shailynn Krow said...

Going gluten-free is rough! Stick with it and you will feel better soon. I know a lot of people do gluten-free to lose weight, but you can actually gain weight if you do gluten-free the wrong way. Avoid all "gluten-free" advertised products if you can. That includes gluten-free replacement things because they're highly processed, no real vitamins and can actually make you pack on the pounds. If you stick to meat, dairy, fruits and veggies and just cut the gluten you can lose a good deal of weight :)

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