Gluten-Free: Cravings

So far, I've been "gluten-free" since Sunday.  It's been pretty easy and I haven't gone "without" except for the leftovers of my previous life that exist in my fridge.  Delicious, leftover pizza from Friday night. Now before you correct me, I know I can make gluten-free crust, and even bought a mix today at the store.  But there's something about the convince of it all that I want.  It's just RIGHT THERE.  Waiting to be eaten.  *sniff*

On the plus side of my need for delicious, familiar, comfort foods - I did get to eat Jimmy Johns yesterday for lunch, Unwich style and still down a bag of salt and vinegar chips like I was mad at them.

My stomach is considerably less bloated and I'm wishing that I'd taken a "before picture" though I'd NEVER show you guys!  Yucko no.  It would just be for me, and then I'd delete it after awhile in case my phone spontaneously decided to send out embarrassing pictures.  It could happen.

I'm like an addict in that I'm thinking about all the things I'm going to miss out on - cold beers poolside, Juicy Lucy burgers this summer, and delicious Napoli-style pizza at Punch Pizza, but really, I'm just telling myself one day at a time.  I might be able to "cheat" on occasion and not hate myself too much for doing it.

Or I'll just have to bring my own gluten-free beer and smuggle it into the Kalahari Waterpark.  Certainly would not be the first time we've smuggled contraband in, and I guarantee it won't be the last!!

So being that this "fad" might stick, I want to know your favorite recipes and places to buy things.  The GOOD things, not the I've tried this bread but it really tastes like sawdust crap.

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