Bringing Down the Wall

Nate and I have living in our home for over six years.  When we first moved in, it was perfect, obviously.  But then, as anyone who's owned a home knows, we quickly found imperfections to change and update (read: ways to spend grown up, boring money)  Living in a split level, we always struggled with two main living spaces to fill and never a good way to do it.  The upstairs always was favored because of the kitchen and proximity too food, but there was this silly little wall separating the living space from the food.

No more!

And in tearing down the wall, we also replaced the disgusting carpeting that had seen better days before kids, dirty feet and even a dog for a time.  I'm still getting used to cleaning a wood floor, but I'll adjust.  Small price to pay!

After several weeks waiting for our flooring to arrive, hundreds of staples pulled, and a constant battle with dust, it's done!  Finally!!  Well mostly - there are a few touch ups to complete and a wall to paint, but I'll take it as 99% for now.

Take a look at these before and afters!

Feel free to lavish compliments at will….

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Jaime said...

That looks great!
Looks fantastic without that wall there. LOVE the floors.

Isn't it such a great feeling to get rid of carpet not fit for laying on? LOL. My husband and I did that a few years ago and we have been SO happy with the results.

Great job!

Cristy said...

Looks AWESOME! Do you love it?! We did this same thing to our upper level last fall...still meaning to blog some photos. We're also in Minnesota....home of the split entry ;)


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