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I am absolutely addicted to Breaking Bad.  I was totally fine without in my life and then AMC hosted a marathon and I taped them all.  All 62 episodes.  It initially started as something to watch in the evenings and then trickled into my day and then was all consuming.  I have less than seven episodes left.  I don't know what I'll do when it's done.  Probably start reading or looking on Pinterest again.  But mostly at Heisenberg.

I deeply apologize to my mother for every time she screamed "get in bed" or "stop thumping."  I hate bedtime.

I went out for a girls night and foolishly imagined I would come home after one.  I quickly realized it wasn't even bedtime yet, and my dear friends convinced me to stay.  What's the point in putting on lipstick if you don't get to enjoy it?!

I used to love the idea of Christmas Break, but two weeks, plus 3 days due to FREEZING COLD weather…  I am so ready to get back to a regular schedule where my kids and me can get out into the world.  *yesterday we may not have even gotten out of pajamas*

One of Avery's "poop in the potty" rewards was to go and see Frozen.  She's asked to go again.  I'm not at all opposed to it.  It's right up there with Tangled and Brave - I'll watch that movie more than once, even without the kids in the room.

Our carpets upstairs have sucked for a long time.  Replacement has always been on the horizon, so a dropped pasta noodle or gooey paint brush hasn't really ruffled my feathers.  We now have an immediate plan to replace the flooring - have mercy on the cleanliness of my home until that happens.

After missing playgroup last week, I was reminded that the group is 80% for me, 20% for the girls.  Not going is not a good punishment for them and the moms there won't judge me for my demon children.  They'll just pour a bigger glass of wine.
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Jen Watts said...

Frozen is so so good!

My hubby is addicted to Breaking Bad. I have yet to decide if I'm going to start it.

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