Petite Promises

Almost three weeks into the new year - has your resolution lost steam already?  Huge, overarching goals are hard to achieve and if a person isn't constantly reminded and motivated.  And there it is:  your common, everyday life gets in a way, and you fail.  Even thought it's not really a failure; you're just settling back into the person you're comfortable being.  But even that thought is somewhat unsettling.  Same.  Boring.

I have grand, overarching goals that I'd love the achieve, but instead, I'll shoot a little lower.  Low expectations lead to high success rates, right?  And these things may seem grand, but notice how I don't really qualify any of them - any change can be considered a win then, right?

{do more yoga}
Going the gym is almost always a daunting task in my mind, but no matter the workout, whenever I'm done, I always feel really good.  I often think to myself "bottle this feeling and remind yourself of it the next time you drag your feet at the thought of walking in here again.  And yoga, for me, is amazing.  I'm not much of a runner, or a jazzercise kinda gal.  I've found some Vinyasa classes that kick my ass and make me sweat.  I tried my first Barre class on Wednesday and I still can't walk a straight line without limping.  Somehow, I feel like that's a good sign.

{more fun-mom stuff}
When I first started staying home, I feel like I was super passionate about engaging the kids and staying busy all day.  Boy, that got tiring.  I had all of that "fun" plus the house, and showering, and trying to engage me in things I wanted to focus on and enjoy.  I can't aim to be one of those moms who's always got something "fun" planned, but I can surely try to do more than a bowl of dried beans while I fold the laundry.

{read more}
As of late, my reading as been limited to Facebook, some Twitter, blogs and my weekly US Weekly.  I want to read books again!  I have a new Kindle Paperwhite, so my goal is to read at least 1 book a month - I get a free book from their library, and while it's not the latest selection, that and borrowing library books gives me no excuses.  I do have a my reading list made that should last me until the fall, so I think I'm good.

{more sex}
While keeping this somewhat G-rated, this is something that can always happen more (if you ask any dude, he'd totally say yes!)  And without needing to quantify things, just know that this is something that I have let slide within my marriage due to a number of parenting-, job-, life-stressors (or excuses).  I need to remember this is a lot like the gym:  I may not always have the energy and excitement for it, but once I'm done, it was well worth the trip! (And oh my god, my parents read my blog!!)

{more friend time}
This goes for both Nate and me.  Having found an amazing group of moms that I can talk with has been a godsend.  I have always been blessed with the girls I call friends, but expanding the circle is even more amazing.  And I know that having guy-time is also beneficial to Nate, so even though the jealous "what about me, don't you want to stay home tonight" might try to come out - I need to know that a happy wife, happy life, doesn't always have to be "wife."  It just makes for a better rhyme.

{more me, less guilt}
Perhaps the least measurable, but most important promise.  Being busy doesn't mean being better.  Being focused on everyone else doesn't mean that everyone is reciprocating back to you.  Taking time for yoga, reading, friends and my marriage - this is all really for me, even if others can reap the rewards for my new calm, state of Zen.  Taking care of me means that I'm going to be less crabby to everyone else.  Sounds like a win-win to me!

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Creative Raisins said...

I love your list of resolutions. They are much like mine.

Kenzie Ashcraft said...

I love this! Such wonderful goals.

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