… I am reading more, but I am disappointed with my first choice (Serena by John Rash).  It's OK, but it's very much a historical piece too with lots of men sitting around a lumber camp talking.  I've got less than a third left and it's finally getting exciting.  I'm much more excited for John Green's The Fault in Our Stars.  Anyone read it yet??

… I have been enjoying more vodka tonics than wine.  I know, I'm as shocked as you.  Maybe it's the fresh lime, or the ice, but this winter has been brutal and I need some brightness in my life right now.

… I am counting the days until we head to the Wisconsin Dells and let the girls run around inside with no shoes on and splash in the pools.  There's something very satisfying about walking through skyways  in flip-flops, surrounded by snowy windows.  We're at 34 days, in case you're wondering.

… We watched Klondike and it only made me angry that A.  We've still got months before Game of Thrones comes back on and B.  That the "Red Wedding" happened.

… Nate is gone for the night, and I'm trying to stay positive - not thinking about how I'll be outnumbered with two wild girls who are best friends and worst enemies.  We're going to have a girls-only pajama party.  Girls-only by default, but it will be fun all the same.  #fingerscrossed

… I am very, very happy that we signed up for Amazon Prime.  Free two-day shipping, can't be beat!  Well worth the $69 if you're considering it!

… I am so happy that we tore down our kitchen wall (check out pics on my Instagram).  More than happy - absolutely thrilled!  Our home now has a ton of light, instead of being where light goes to die.  Did I mention that our floors were delayed two weeks, so we're walking around on plywood subfloor?  Less dreamy, but I try to imagine how amazing it will be when we're all done!

… Because of that stupid polar bullshit, I didn't go to yoga all week - between the cold and having to work, there just wasn't time to get to a class.  All the more reason to hate this winter.  On the plus side, I do have a new yoga outfit coming my way from Fabletica - first outfit was $25 with free shipping.  Can't say no to that one!

… They're talking about another polar vortex bullshit hitting our fine state.  I quit winter if that happens.  I don't know what that even means, but I quit.

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