So What Wednesday

Tis the season.
Tis the season to hook up with my girl Shannon one last time in 2013.

Life After I Dew

Tis the season for a lot of So What moments:

  • I have started flagging cooking magazines for ideas for blog posts.  I am not a foodie blogger, but I do like to cook, so it all works out.
  • After seeing Frozen one time, the girls immediately started singing along to "Let it Go."  And being a good mom, I immediate downloaded it to listen to in the car.  Nate's thrilled.
  • I did not buy Liv a Christmas dress this year.  She will be performing at her dance party in a pair of black leggings and pink and black houndstooth printed tunic.  Her days of tulle and poof are over.
  • In that same breath, Avery will be wearing hand-me-downs.  Or whatever outfit that does not include pajamas.  We're going through one of those phases.
  • Despite a fantastic gifts Pinterest board, I have 2 more days to get Liv's teacher a present.  Damn my best intensions.
  • I am trying to justify having my nails done one last time before Christmas over paying for date night.  #badwife  #makeupforitwithkissingtime
  • I am so excited for Tim Gunn's new show coming in January.  He's the main reason I tolerate Sofia the First.
  • I was hoping for a bigger reaction from Avery about Santa this year.  {This} will have to do.
  • Even with all the babies I've snuggled in the past few months, I'm still good with two.  I've had doubts, but then realize that I don't want my baby sleeping in a drawer, so my friends' babies will do just fine.
One week until Christmas.  In whatever way you may hold this season in your heart, do it with joy and love and peace.

And probably some wine, because let's be fair to ourselves, shall we?

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