Reindeer Food

If you're looking for a craft that's going to keep the little busy for awhile.... this isn't one of them.  I wish there was more to it, but it really it quite simple.

However, that being said, the magic that happens when you're making food for Santa's magical reindeer, and even better yet, sprinkling it out in the yard on Christmas Eve... the joy of a child at Christmas... it's fun to be amongst some believers.

The project is as simple as oatmeal, glitter, a ziplock or treat bag and a little shaking.

Like I said, I wish this took more effort and time (at least a 30 shower and blow dry!) but it really doesn't!

Mix as much of each as you'd like and let them go nuts with the dumping and mixing.

I guess you could say, the true fun came with the shaking.  Who can blame her?

There is some fun to be had with coloring the poem that you can attach to your reindeer food.  I had printed a bunch of these out for play group children, and originally disappointed that I forgot to change my color settings.  Turns out, this was not a fail.  I was forgetting one of the cardinal rules of littles:  they love to color.  It could be an old shopping list, a torn catalogue - a few markers and a paper is all they need to stay really busy, even if only to get through the shower (you'll survive with wet, air-dried hair.)

I got the poem {here}  Great printable - save your ink and go for the black and white on this version!

Merry Christmas!
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