Happy Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly and bright and reflect on the little things that bring us so much joy.  One of today's top headlines are the Target card scandal with people's personal information leaked to jerk holes who need to use their knowledge for good and not evil.  Or even better, people outraged by the fact that their packages didn't arrive on time from UPS or FedEx.

Big picture, people!  Think BIG PICTURE!

I snapped a few pictures on Christmas Eve, and left the camera alone on Christmas morning.  I'm starting to regret not capturing those happy faces of wonder, but then I remind myself I got to actually see them with my own eyes - not through a tiny viewfinder.

Santa stopped by in the morning to bring a little early Christmas cheer.  Some were more cheerful about seeing Santa than others!

Avery wanted to help peel the carrots for dinner.  Yes, that little curl on the end is the remnants of what she left after all her "helping."

Olivia's first gift of the evening!  A prized Unicorn!  She immediately named it "Horny" because it has a horn.  Makes sense.  The story gets better when she opened up a small unicorn from Despicable Me and named it "Little Horny."  Oh the laughter and stories we'll get out of this one, for years to come!!

All in all, we had a great couple of days as a family - both close and extended.

Wishing you loads of cheer from my family to yours!

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