Gifts from the Heart

For Nate's birthday in October, I brought to girls to Dollar Tree and told them to go nuts.  Find whatever you think you dad would like to have from you.

This idea was genius for a few reasons:

  • Nate and I don't like to spend a lot of money on each other for gifts.  It's like, here, buy me something with my money.
  • The girls had no limits (i.e. no daddy cannot get that 50" flat screen for $3,000)
  • They got to search on their own and find something that was really from them.  The only guidance I gave was "Are you sure you DAD wants that," when they picked out a Hello Kitty coloring book that was maybe more for them, than their good ole Dad.
Nate did the same thing for me this year.  While my birthday isn't until Thursday, we celebrated Sunday night with my parents because they'll be out of town for the Thanksgiving weekend.  I opened the gifts from the girls and lemme tell you - while a huge, flashy gift is always wonderful, these gifts were absolutely perfect.

Avery selected:

  • The Nerds, because who doesn't love pink and purple candy.
  • The Chapstick, in green, because that's my favorite color (and you know how much she loves Chapstick so this is a great sacrifice for her to give these up for me!)
  • The bath mit, which I suspect this is one that she will surely adopt for herself more than it was meant for me.
  • Puzzle glue, more because it's glue, not because I'm a huge fan of puzzles.  I like to craft, and craft with them, so it's something we can use together.
Olivia chose:
  • The pig whisk because I like to cook, and because it's pink (totally a favorite of hers!)
  • A Christmas snow globe that she has the perfect place for when we decorate for Christmas.
  • The angel.  This is the sweetest.  Nate said she took a very long time deciding on the perfect one for me - she chose one about "blessings."  She always says she's blessed to be my daughter.  Sweet, right?
I love handmade gifts from the girls, but you can only have so many handprint crafts.  These are things that they took ownership of and we very proud to give me.  And, even better, didn't break the bank!  I highly encourage you to take a trip with your kiddos for their next gift giving experience.  You'd be surprised at how thoughtful and creative they can be when given full reign over a store!

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Amy said...

what sweet gifts! We love to frequent the dollar store for gifts and even rewards. They feel SO COOL when we tell them that they can chose ANYTHING in the whole store!

Amy said...
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