Burlap Banner

It's been awhile since I've gotten out my good ole glue gun for the sake of a home craft project.  This was fun, even with the hand cramps over hand cutting letters (twice, because my mom wanted a banner too!)

You can make one yourself to say anything you'd like, and use a multitude of fabrics and ribbon trim, but here's what I used:
  • jute twine (enough for 18" on either end and 1" spacing between banner flags)
  • black felt
  • tiny black ric rac
  • tan burlap
  • transfer web (found at your fabric store's interfacing) - you could also adhere letters with hot glue
  • banner template (I'll show you how I made mine)
  • scissors/rottary cutter
  • iron

I'll spare you the shots of me cutting out my letter templates.  Basically I printed out letters from Word in a font and size I liked (for the record I used Big Carlson in 285 sized font - gave me letters about 3" tall).  Set those aside for when you need to trace the letters (in reverse) onto your transfer paper.

Next I planned out my flag.  To make things a little thicker and sturdy, I wanted to fold over the burlap onto itself, but you could skip that and have an inch or so on the back so that you can glue your twine in place at the end for hanging.

I took my largest, widest letter (the G) to eye ball a good width and went from there.  For my 3" letters, my flag was cut 4.5" wide and 6" tall.  I then measured 4.5" down and drew some angles for my flag points.  

Now it's time to start ironing (if you're using a heat-transfer web to adhere your letters to the flags.)  Follow the instructions on your packaging.  If you do choose to glue them, make sure to open your flag so that your glue doesn't close your flag before you can press in your twine at the crease.

Once all your letters are in place, start with your twine.  I would recommend working from the roll, rather than trying to precut the length.  If you accidentally cut it too short, you'll be in a bit of a pickle.  Measure out 18" and tie a knot.  Measure 1" and start glueing.  Open your flag, lay a bead of hot glue down and press your twine into it.

You can keep going until you're all done, tying off the same 18" at the end of your string.  

If you're in the mood to add a little trim to the flags, you can add it as you go, or when you're all done pressing the flags into the twine.  Dealers choice.  Don't worry about precise measuring.  It's burlap, and rustic and very forgiving.  That goes for the cutting of the flags too - I should have mentioned that.

Hang up and enjoy your work.  Hopefully with minimal burn trauma to your fingertips!

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