Washi Tape Necklace Display

So my love of accessories is apparently rubbing off on my girls.  At first, it was only a few necklaces, so they could hang from the corner of the hair clip board I made and have hanging in the bathroom.  The collection hit a point where trying to pull down a specific one without tangling the whole mess was impossible.  My need to organize and de-clutter took over.

I've made a few crafts with washi tape before.
{Wall Art Letter}
{Flameless Candles}

This design is simple enough to do, but I apologize I started making this at night and the pictures turned out horribly.

The basics:

  • a board of desired length
  • paint, if you'd like to color your board first
  • washi tape
  • pulls or hooks for your choosing (I used 2 packs of clear, acrylic pulls from IKEA, a whopping $2 a pack)
  • ruler and pencil
  • scissors
  • X-acto or craft knife
  • Modge Podge
  • paint brush or foam brush
I started by having Nate drill holes in the board for my pulls to screw into.  Then, I used a sand-colored acrylic craft paint and painted the surface and all of the edges.  

I had purchased gold washi tape from In the Clear, my favorite shop to find great washi tape that's super affordable and comes right to my door!  The girls' room has a lot of bright colors, but because this was going to be displaying a lot of color itself (in necklace form) I wanted to keep the background fairly neutral and understated.  Your coloring choosing is completely up to you!

Using a chevorn-like pattern that twists on itself in various ways, I started drawing lines with pencil, measuring them the same width as my washi tape so I had a guideline once I was ready to start sticking it down.

Once I was satisfied with my pattern, I started cutting my tape, making it long enough to wrap along the sides and stick to the back.  The scissors are especially helpful in cutting a straight line for where your tape intersects.

Once you're all done and satisfied with your work, brush on at least two layers of Modge Podge.  While washi tape is super cute, it's decorative.  Not exactly super sticky and you don't want all your hard work to peel up.

Once it's dry, you're set to hang and get that rats nest of necklaces in order where they belong!

TIP: When you have tape intersecting, lay the "tributaries" down first and the lay the "top" piece over last leaving a nice clean edge.  (Like above, on the right)

TIP:  Use your craft knife on corners to create clean corners.

TIP:  Don't be too married to your orignial design.  When I was drawing lines, I wasn't exactly planning how intersections were going to overlap, so there were some pieces of tape that were added and taken away to make the overall pattern make sense.  That's the beautiful thing about tape.  Just peels right off!

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