Pins I Hate

Last week, I talked about my first Pin.
What a delightful trip down memory lane.

Lately, as I've been scrolling my news feed, and then my other favorites "Popular" and "Everything" I've noticed there are a lot of dumb pins out there.
I mean, a lot.
Dumb because of their picture, their caption, the fact that they are so obviously fake (a la the politically fueled forwards that I'm often sent by my father.)

Examples of what I'm talking about you ask?

The caption is what bugs me about this one.  
"Great place for family fun pictures!"
You want to poo and look at smiling pictures of your kids?
If your house is like mine, chances are while you're pooping, your kids are actually IN THERE with you because privacy is not in their vocabulary yet.
Wait, I take that back.  Avery will close the door when she sits with me.  And I'll have privacy.

Even the most liberal of parent would kinda want to have a conversation about any major life revaluation or relationship happenings in person.  Not via text.
You think they wouldn't pick up the phone on this one.
Granted, it is funny.
Funny, like live-audience sitcom funny.
Nice try nerds.


This bugs me for several reasons, thought not all of them are completely fair.
My laundry room is an unfinished pit that houses our overstock of paper products, water heater, furnace and washer/dryer.  There is not "decorating" happening in there.
I'm in and out.  This is not a hang out spot for me.
To be fair, even with drywall and tile flooring, I can't see myself sipping a cup of joe and relaxing while admiring my Pinterest crafts.
Second, if it's a lost sock, throw it away.  Throw it in a rag pile, make a puppet (of which I'm sure you have at least three pins giving you creative ideas with wiggling eyes and pipe cleaners.)
Sorry Bob Vila, not in my house

Just a random sampling.  For starters.
Any pins that especially drive you bonkers?? 

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Shannon Dew said...

HA! The lost sock! OMG My laundry room doubles as our pantry and room for all the things that haven't anywhere else to go. So, needless to say, it's a hot mess.

Liz said...

Yes, let me display all my random items in one cute location. Nope. Not this mama.

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