My First Pin

Remember life before Pinterest?
I really don't.
I remember having a coworker tell me to sign up for it and had to WAIT for an invitation to join.  I mean, this was an elite thing when it first hit the internet.
That, or the webmaster was super smart and didn't want to overload the servers.

I did a little scrolling into the first things that I fell in love with.

There were boards about food (of course), funny pictures that made my happy and even a board that I had a bunch of wedding stuff on.
Keep in mind, when I started pinning, Nate and I had been married for three years, maybe even four.
Come to think of it, the thing that makes me most upset about the Pinterest craze is that it's about eight years too late for me to plan my wedding, decorate my first home and plan for two new babies.
Not to mention countless showers, birthday parties and complimentary family photo outfits!
I've really gotten the short end of the stick. #firstworldproblems

You know what my first Pin was??

And so began the dreams of making/cooking/designing/painting/sewing/photographing things that will never be.
This image was just that.
A costume I've never made, or even attempted.
Come to think of it, this costume would be an absoute joke in Minnesota. It would be a kid, bundled in a winter jacket and hat carrying a umbrella with damp toilet paper. 
The bigger joke, it's just an image. No link, no tutorial, nothing.
An image uploaded by a user, and even that data isn't listed anymore.  

I have since progressed in my pinning skills.
60 boards to organize my 4,694 pins, and counting.

I am undecided on the new "psst you've already pinned this" option.
I see that pop up and I think:  oh yes, I see I've already wanted to do this and clearly didn't.  Probably best to not pin it again and perpetuate the lie.

There are surely duds that should be weeded out, things that no longer fit my tastes or taste buds. 
Let's work on organizing closets and kitchen cupboards before reorganizing Pinterest boards thought.

Just curious, what was your first Pin??

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Christi said...

I can't really remember what my first pic actually was- I am going to say probably food. That is was drew me in was the fact that there were so many recipes with pictures on there. but I have a bunch of albums, planned a wedding off it and created some of the crafts and made some of those recipes.

parkupton said...

how adorable!!!

reproduction art

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