Love Makes a Family

I'm inspired to write this because of some very special people in my life.

I am fortunate enough to not only have siblings of my own, but sisters and brothers of the heart.  I have wonderful friends who I share no blood relation with, but love as if they were my own.
And it's so special to see that love around the world with so much yuck.
Icky people kidnapping children, beating up strangers, just the yuck that's out there.

There is a lot of love.

I've mentioned some of these {friends} before, some of which are celebrating joy and coping with loss and disappointment.
I am reminded that these joys and pains are mine to celebrate and mourn.
I wouldn't exactly say I'm happy to do it, but I know they'd do the exact same for me.

It's always awesome to have someone be excited with you.
It's also nice to have someone who doesn't want to pull you out of the mud, but is willing to sit down with you.

This is all just so I can share a gift I was able to give a friend.  She and her husband are waiting for their baby.  One day, a birth mother will give the ultimate gift and make them parents.  This child won't share their blood.  But they will still be a family.

Love makes a family.

I had this made by {Olive + Birch}.  Alyssa is incredible and has made more wall art in my home than I have!  I shared some Pinterest inspiration and she ran with it.  It was perfect.  My friend loved it.  It made me happy to remind her (and mostly myself) that Love is what makes things work.

My immediate family holds four souls.
Outside of that, I have a countless network of love.

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Sara said...

This is sooo true! Love the wall art.

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