How to Clean Your Chalkboard Wall

Our play room boasts a floor to ceiling, whole wall chalkboard, compliments of a naptime and a $10 can of chalkboard paint.  It's been really fun to have, the girls just love it.  Now that Liv is in school, she "plays" school and sets up Avery and her toys in a line to practice reading and math.

Love it.

Wanna know what I don't love?  The line of chalk dust that lines our baseboard and the smudged look that I would get from cleaning it with a rag and water.  Even rinsing the rag several times in between left things streaky.  Granted, most days, it really didn't matter.  No need to have a perfectly clean board that was going to get trashed in a matter of minutes.

This weekend, we had friends over and while the grown-ups talked in one room, the kids went to town on the chalkboard in the playroom.  Not gonna lie, it was a mess.  And that's OK - play rooms are meant for play.  But we needed more than a wet towel to tackle this puppy.

A quick Pinterest search populated two options:
  • warm water with a little dish soap (duh)
  • Coke and a sponge
Seriously?  Wash my walls with pop?
It's too crazy not to try.  The blogs made comments of their same apprehension, fear of stickiness being the main drawback, so I thought what the heck.  

I was sure soapy water would work, but this sounded way more fun.

Take a look and you be the judge of it's effectiveness.

No water, just a wipe down with a rag to erase various letters, unicorns and ladybugs.

Nearly try, thus the darker spots.
Not too shabby.  Truth time:

  • There are some darker streaks, even dry, where it seems there is more "pop" on the walls that others.  It's not sticky at all, but it's streaky and not uniform.
  • Our wall wasn't super, duper smooth, so there are some pits where chalk has settled and it's cleaner, but not "freshly painted" clean.  I have a feeling this is just how thing will be regardless of whatever magical cleaning solution I use,
  • While this was a clever find, I'm not sure I'm going to make it a regular routine.  Probably stick to boring soap and water.

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