Apple "Cookie" Snack

I now have a school-aged child.  It's weird to say.  She's still little, right?  Always be my baby.  Anyway, back on track.

I'm now forced to think of good lunches to send with her to school, and no matter how much I pack, and how much she eats, she's always hungry when she gets off that bus.  Now to think of fun after-school snacks.  Something that makes me feel like a super mom, instead of my go-to package of fruit snacks.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  We eat those more often than not.

Apples have always been a favorite for us.  Peanut butter is an added treat, but usually I just give them cut up slices in a bowl with a blup of peanut butter to scoop from.  In comes the need for "fun."

Slice the apple horizontally, about 1/2" thick or so and cut out the core.  You could use a corer, or a fun little cookie cutter.  Or a pairing knife, no need to go too crazy.

Lay on paper towel to let one side dry out a bit, only for a minute.  You can certainly skip this step, but good luck trying to spread sticky peanut butter to a wet, juice apple.  Have fun with that.

Frost your "cookie" with peanut butter.  You could stop here.  I happen to find a bottle of sprinkles when I was searching for little cookie cutters, so I added those.  Chocolate chips, coconut or even raising would also be tasty.

In one afternoon, I ended up making 3 apples worth of "cookies" for my girls.  How do I say no when they ask for more fruit?

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Happie Reading said...

that is such a good idea for kiddos! and your blog is adorable. So happy i stumbled across it. Hopefully you can swing by mine sometime!

xo, Kelsey Belle | Happie Reading Blog

Liz said...

Thank you! Super fun treat (that I may have enjoyed myself!) Welcome to the blog!


Nicky @ Pink Recipe Box said...

This looks like an amazing idea for a healthy snack! I love chocolate and peanut butter but I've never tried it on top of an apple before. I'd be thrilled if you'd come on over to Pink Recipe Box and link up at Creative Wednesdays: http://pinkrecipebox.com/creative-wednesdays-with-pink-recipe-box-15

Jessica Pelasky said...

This is a great idea!

Thanks for joining the Link Up this week! :)

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