I'd like to think that with Olivia going back to school and Avery getting more of my attention one on one that the tantrums would have lightened. This was not the case. They haven't exactly gotten worse, but they sure haven't gotten better. Thank goodness wine comes in boxes.

This was a good fit caught this week:

I wouldn't let her jump on the couch.  And while I looks like she's only grabbing one cheek, this is mid-dramatic-bury-face-in-hands moment.

Wanna share your greats with the rest of us?
Other highlights of hell humor this week!

 photo nobathroom_w3_zps5212ffab.jpg
No shopping carts allowed in the bathroom while Mommy is going potty.  @jibbletz

 photo coughdrops_w3_zpsdebd4f37.jpg
No, cough drops are not candy @packpackard

 photo purplecup_w3_zps1fb6f36d.jpg
The milk is in the purple cup, not the pink cup with the missing straw @mandareearmstrong

 photo bubbles_w3_zpsa6281bdc.jpg
But mama, the bubbles @cassie_grey

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