Olivia, age 5 (part 2)

My darling girl turned 5 on Wednesday.
I wrote about it {here}

On Sunday, we celebrated with a few friends at Cherry Berry.
If you've never been, it perhaps the best after-dinner treat out there:  self-serve ice cream and yogurt, with a gazilion toppings.  On a normal day, you walk in and pay per ounce, which can be dangerous (we've heard tales of a $11 Cherry Berry treat) but for her birthday, each kid got a cup to fill to their hearts content.
Load 'em up with sugar and treats and playing wild on the lounge couches.
It was basic and simple, but most of the kids were 5 or 6, so they didn't need a lot of "frills."

No Pinterest-inspired decorations or take-home treats.
Ice cream.

And I didn't have to clean my house.
Or clean up afterwards.
Totally worth it!

I loved the part of the day.  
Everyone had their treats, 
presents were opened,
favors dispersed and everyone sat on the couch together.

Each kid had their own face on the day and a pictures is worth a thousand words!

Happy birthday sweet girl!!!

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Kelly said...

CHERRY BERRY! My kids love it! Great pictures!

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