New Beginnings!!

Today is Liv's first day of Kindergarten.
Even saying that ... I cannot believe the little, pink baby I brought home from the hospital is going into school!

After Open House, when she met her teacher and saw her classroom (complete with finding her name on a cubby AND a drawer where she'll keep her Monster's University notebook!)
Nate asked her what she was most excited about.

She said:  I can't wait to meet my new best friend.

It's a very sweet thought.
She's a social butterfly, so any kid that she plays with, has an interaction in a Target aisle, or sits in a booth next to, is her new best friend.
It got me thinking, she's probably more right about that than she realizes.

Growing up, I had the fortune of staying in the same home, same school, same class of kids.
Some of my best friends today are those that I met in that morning Kindergarden class - Good ole Mr. Grant.
And Squeaky Ralph, our class pet guinea pig.
These are women that I met during those formative years and we have managed to stay close.

My heart melts knowing my little girl is going to start making those connections with friends and will some day
have these girls to share secrets with,
cry on their shoulders,
stand in their weddings,
hold their babies and be Auntie Olivia that little bundle.

She's starting to spread wings.
And I'm sure I'll say this more than once, because it seems that every milestone as my girls get older are more amazing than the last.
She's starting to leave, even if they are baby steps.
And even if they're still new, wet, butterfly wings that need to sit still and fan a bit before she can really take off and fly, the process has started.
I can't put the breaks on it, or slow it down.
All I can do is hold on tight.

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Christi said...

This brought a tear to my eyes. So sweet. I feel the same with my boys milestones. Breaks my heart a little everytime but I just grasp as hard and I can and go with it.

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