Buttons & Play Dough

Olivia and I made Play Dough with coconut oil a few weeks ago.  I am proud to say that while the color has turned from four separate colors into one grey mush, it is still soft and wonderful.  And it cost next to nothing, so the mixing of colors is less troublesome.

I saw this on remember:
Oh yeah, I have a two-year old I need to encourage and help learn beyond what Dora and Bubble Guppies will teach her.  Now that we're not at the pool six days a week, I have more time at home to play, and do fun things (and clean!  I actually clean my house again!)

I still have a few toddler tricks up my sleeve, but the color matching was too easy to pass up!

The process was simple and originally I thought Avery and I would make our own primary color play dough, but I found 4 perfect "favor" sized pots and used them:  blue, green, yellow (mixed with purple "Go Vikings) and and orangey-pink.  A $3 pack of primary color buttons from Joann's and these little 2 ounce packs of playdough and let her go nuts.

It was only a little prompting of me asking "what color is this?" before Avery caught on and made her own game the way I intended.

Sometimes she got carried away with sticking buttons into any color and that gave me the chance to ask:  do these all match?  What colors do you see?  Redirecting focus is a huge undertaking with a toddler, so this was an excellent activity!

She's got a max of about 20 minutes on an activity, but this bought me a few uninterrupted rounds of Candy Crush and The Price is Right.

Small miracles.
It's very easy to set up and take down, so the length of time enjoyed is totally worth the effort!

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Kelly said...

What a great idea. I am going to have to take this idea for my kiddos and daycare kiddos :) Thanks!!

Organized Chaos said...

So cute! I also make homemade play dough! lil mister loves it! while you're enjoying more time for home activities I'm praising the warmer weather here for more outdoor time! but our kids definitely need a balance of both! I'm loving your "tricks"!

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