Sweet, Simple Earring Display

Olivia got her ears pierced in the spring.  I was her reward for stopping the dreaded thumb-sucking habit.  For the standard 6-months (and then some) we held to the rule of not changing the studs that were put in.  But my smart little lady knew at some point, there were other earrings in the world, and she couldn't wait to get her hands on them!

I took her shopping at Claire's and, like any good mom would, got suckered into the buy 2, get 1 free deal.  So of course, instead of one small pack of earrings, we walked out with a slew of new jewels.

I need to spoil her a little every now and then right?
Consider it back to school shopping!

With twelve new pairs of earrings, on top of things she'd acquired from the According to L stash in my office, we needed a place to keep all these beauties.  Her jewelry box was already too full of Disney Princess lip glosses (another long story!)  The simple idea of an frame to display everything in their newly redecorated room was the obvious choice.

The process to create one is super easy, and just takes a few key supplies.

  • a picture frame (size is up to you, I got a 10 x 10 frame)
  • plastic embroidery mesh
  • E6000 glue
Take your frame, remove the glass, matting and backing.  Cut your mesh to size, allowing for room to glue down - this is where your trusty tube of E6000 comes in.  If you don't already own some, get some.  It works like a miracle on so many things, and a little can go along way!  Press your mesh securely into the glue and allow to dry for several hours before moving - if you can leave it sit overnight, even better!

I had intended to add this frame to the wall display I had going, but the length of the stud earrings really wasn't too great for hanging on a wall.  Right now, it leans neatly on some shelves I have hung with "look-but-don't-touch" items in the girls' room, but a plate display rack, or even a wide hook would work well too!

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Jamie said...

So smart and easy!

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