So What Wednesday {guest post}

This post is also Shannon's GUEST POST for the week, in preparation for little James Weston's arrival.  We should all be so lucky to have a little bundle coming our world so soon! (Except for I like having 8-straight-hours of sleep at night.)

So What Wednesday

This week, I'll say SO WHAT:

  • The hubs and I are hitting the produce section pretty hard these days and trying to eat more than cheese and chicken.  Luckily my kids LOVE fruits and vegetables, so this is really a win win.
  • I made green beans for dinner.  They were topped with bacon.  I couldn't help it!
  • I've also been hitting the yoga mat hard and remember why I love it so much.  I get a good, sweaty workout and I'm not running (which I hate!)
  • That being said, I only go to our gym for classes because of the free childcare.  I'd love to try another studio, but I don't think the girls would stay quiet for the 60-minute class!
  • Yes.  I hate running.  I try.  I know it's good cardio.  I know there are other cardio options, but I really don't find the same "high" that others do. 
  • I let the girls play in the backyard while I'm inside making lunch/dinner/watching TV with the windows open.  We have a fence and I call out for a "body count" about every 7 minutes.  They've been fine so far!
  • I wore a skirt to work.  The "so what" comes in because I hadn't shaved my legs in about 2 weeks.  #happytobeblonde
  • I want Nate to get a better job so we can afford to charter the Honor yacht like on Below Deck.
new and not on Shannon's post today
  • I want a little (or a lot) of hail to come our way this summer because a new roof would sure be nice.  Oh the things grown-ups dream about.
  • Super excited to get my baby fix here in August.  That new baby smell, there's nothing like it.
  • I wanted to let the girls paint their own book shelves for their bed (the IKEA spice rack variety) but my need to have things clean and cute - I may have "helped" more than I should have.
Thanks for hearing me out.  Stop over and tell me what you're saying SO WHAT to this week!

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Sara McFall said...

My leg hair is blonde and its great that I don't have to shave often, especially when pregnant! :) bill ill let Mackenzie play on the porch, it's fenced, while I get things done inside. Makes it easier!

Elisa said...

I think we are tv show soul sisters....I am not going to lie I have been watching below deck as well....and I may have tried to look for it online to see how much it is to book!!! I am a shitty reality tv junkie!!

Liz said...

I have looked! The charter is $34,000 for the week! Wanna split it LOL!

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