Happy Hump Day everyone! Did we survive last week? I know my kid managed to scream for 40 minutes about wearing a life jacket on a boat. Mean parents, keeping her alive and all. Jerks. Sadly, I didn't snap a photo of that (I was too busy looking at my friend's 4-day-old son and keeping the Baby Fever at bay)
I did get to snap this gem:

I asked her to go potty after nap.
99% of the time, a trip to the potty is a an easy task because there is a Skittle at the end of it.
Today, however, this request was highly offensive.
And yes, she took a nap in her slippers.

Other greats you all shared this week:

@cniznick I got her a surprise and her brother wants to look at it. 
@watsonmollykTold him he couldn't go to Grandma's house tonight, she lives 6 hours away. He had a #meltdown and of course I took pics.
thegrantlife I asked him if he wanted to play with his light up car. Ay dios.
mojo_mama Morgan throwing a fit (a few weeks ago) when my parents left our house and didn't take her with them! 

All you need to do to play along:

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