Anyone else in two-year old hell with me?

I mean, I love Avery.  She's amazingly sweet, and thoughtful, but she is also a terror with mood swings as high as the sky.
In an effort to curb my frustration, I've started taking pictures of her and posting them to Instagram with the hashtag: #reasonsmytoddleriscrying

It's incredibly therapeutic.
I'm able to calm myself and focus on the absolute absurdity of her tantrum, rather than trying to talk her out of her irrational rant.

Some of my favorite gems will include, but are not limited to, and in no particular order

So let's start a little Instagram club where we all get to share our misery laughs amongst friends.
Every week, I'll highlight amazing photos here on my blog, as well on Instagram, sharing the misery laughs for everyone to enjoy!
Don't have a kid?  Just follow along and be grateful for the free birth control.
You're welcome.

All you need to do to play:

  • Follow my Instagram feed @accordingtol
  • Tag your photo with @accordingtol and #reasonsmytoddleriscrying
  • Have fun with it!
Oh, and this isn't just limited to toddlers!  I've found that kids of all ages can throw tantrums.  Make light of it, because sooner or later, those little moody boogers will move out and you'll be left with just your own tantrums.  
They're not nearly as fun!

Very excited to see what you all have going on in your homes - misery loves company!
I mean laughter (right?!)

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Sara McFall said...

I love your 'reasons my toddler is crying' pics! Mackenzie doesn't cry yet, but has just started the lovely 'throw myself on the ground' tantrum. And just does it a few times in a row before she realizes we aren't reacting!
Your pics just remind me my toddler isn't the only irrational one out there. :) love this idea and will have to get some pics taken and posted with you.

Kristen said...

Love this! I had to go out and check out the hashtag on IG, so good!

Christi said...

I can't wait to play along. My 7 year old, not a toddler but acts like one, throws some pretty funny fits. I have been known to record them... I laugh when I watch them now.

Amy said...

I didn't really had a photo to share until today! Oh, ridiculous meltdowns....

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