Date Night

Don't worry, this isn't a bad rip-off of the Steve Carell and Tina Fey flick (but if you haven't seen, you really should, it's VERY funny!)

This is about dating your spouse.  Full disclosure, this isn't something I am an expert on, but I also know that I like to think I know the right thing to do when it comes to keeping yourself a healthy mother and healthy wife.

In our home, weekends are precious.  Nate works a full, daytime job, so even though he's home for dinners and bedtime stories, we don't really get a ton of quality time during the week.  Plus, the girls are able to stay up later, delaying our downtime.  We either have to stay up until 11 to actually hang out and see each other for a decent amount of time, or push it off and stay up ridiculously late on the weekend, which is also foolish, because our kids don't know about "sleeping in on the weekends" yet!

Sidebar:  If I ever complain about having to bang on my kid's door to wake them, slap me.

Those weekends I mentioned, those are usually consumed with family time.  Don't get me wrong, I love being able to run errands, eat lunch at Potbelly's, hold hands in the car (awww), but I'm still doing that all with kids in tow.   Even though I'm with my husband, I'm still playing Mommy.

Let's get real here.
We all need to feel like a wife from time to time.
We need to feel pretty,
and sexy,
and not worried if we have extra wipes and crackers in our purse "just in case."

Especially sexy.
Remember when you were "young" and dating.  Life was exciting.
And it still can be, but it's a lot harder to find the time.
And the right dress that fits.
And a clean bra that matches the dress that fits.

That all aside, even without the dress and the clean underwear (because he doesn't really care anyway) you need to be a wife and ONLY a wife from time to time.
I know money may be tight and sitters may be hard to find, but make it cheap and ask a friend for a trade.  I can promise, she needs the trade just as much as you do!

Pick a local joint and sit at the bar, because a high chair would never fit there!
Order something super spicy, that your kids would never eat and enjoy every, hot, well-intended bite all to yourself.
Take to your husband about things, other than kids.  Uninterrupted, no less!
Even if it's only an hour, take the time.
And don't feel guilty about it either.
As much as your kids love 100% of your waking attention, what they don't know they love more is a happy MOM who got to be a woman and wife too.

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Andrea said...

Just read your post at Wifessionals, and I love this one too! Sounds like my husband has the same schedule. I love dates! In fact, we get to go out tonight and I am so excited! Ha! I wrote a link-up for Wifessionals, hopefully you can check it out, too! Happy to be following along! -Andrea

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