Bubble Flute

I'm a honest girl, right?
I mean, that's why you like me.  I tell it how it is, and I'm funny and charming while I do it too.
And I'm modest.
But I digress.

I've seen pins out on Pinterest with paper party straws turned into cute little bubble wands.
I happen to have straws I bought for Avery's FIRST birthday, and never used, and more than enough washi tape on hand to mummy wrap both children.
Come to think of it, that might be a good craft post.
Again, I digress.

The girls wanted to play in the front yard, and I wanted to read my US Weekly with minimal interruptions, so I thought "Hey!  I'm finally going to make those things!"

Here's where my honesty comes in.

The wands were really fun for about a 47 seconds, until Avery tried to DRINK the bubble solution.
I mean, in her defense, all we've ever done is told her NOT to blow bubbles in her milk/lemonade/straw, so this was definitely counter-intuitive!

Second, the paper straws are absolutely adorable (as photo props).  When it comes to actually having long lasting power in liquid... I feel there's a reason that the bubble wands that come in bubble jars are plastic for a reason!

The ends got mushy after a while.
I didn't really get to read my magazine because I was too busy trying to keep Avery from ingesting more soap.
It wasn't a total win, but certainly something that was worth a try.

And besides, I had the stuff just laying around.  Might as well use it!

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Christi said...

too cute. i may have to give that a try when I want peace and quiet. Maybe with plastic straws though. your littles are too cute.

Liz said...

Plastic for sure!! And thanks :)

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