Good and Evil

The idea of evil in our world can fit into all manners and sorts.  Surely there's the obvious biblical sense.  There's the wicked person who murders, or even the wicked who just cuts you off in traffic without so much as a wave into the rear view.

I'm talking about the evil we have in our home right now.

The two-year old kind.
The kind that is so sweet and lovable, and so awful you wonder how ANY of us made it to our third birthday.
Nate jokes that if you ask a kid how old they are, and they answer two, you should shout "Wrong!  The correct answer is jerk!  You are not two, you are a jerk!"
Don't kid yourself, you were a dick too.  Any grandparent right now is reading this and laughing because grandchildren are their own reward for not killing their own offspring.

But there is a flip side.
There must be balance in the force, so with evil, there must be good.
And I don't mean from said 2-year old.
She they are still an asshole.
This is where some of that grandparent wisdom can come in, because if you have one two-year old who survives, you've seen they can make it to three, and four and maybe even five (some days are still hit or miss.)
They can make it past the jerk stage.
They can be the good against the evil in the house.
Because let's face it.
If you have an older sibling in the house, they pull a lot more weight and respect than you do in the eyes of your tiny toddler.

In our home, the time-out spot is starting to get more action these days.
Avery struggles with being two,
hearing the word "no,"
having the wait,
not being able to keep up with her bigger, older sister.
Hitting is often a reaction to frustration.

Time out.
Two minutes.
There's usually a lot of fighting to get her there, but with the help of the {chill out jar} she gets there,  calms the tears, catches her breath and is ready to rejoin normal society.

I try to do the eye-contact, this is why you were on time-out, let's say we're sorry and not do it again (or not do it for the next 7 minutes.)
The good, big sister then takes her cue and swoops in.
Liv asks Avery to come wipe her tears and come sit down with her so they can "talk."
Sometimes it's to "have a meeting" depending on how formal she wants to make things.

"I need to talk to you about some things," she'll say.
This isn't her first rodeo, she's been on that dreaded spot before too.
She'll say, "you have to be nice and use your words.  Don't hit me anymore, or you'll be back on timeout again, OK?
Hug me.
I love you.
You're the best sister I could ever have."

And my heart melts.
I have a kid who hits and one who loves.
And they both love each other {to the tip of their toes.}

Good does always overpower evil.

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Sara McFall said...

So sweet!! I hope in two years Mackenzie will be the same way with her younger sibling. My 2 year old seems to become more evil every day.....she also doesn't want to 'listen' after time out when I try to do the explain/hug thing.

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