4th of July Handprint T-Shirts

This year marks the fifth year that Nate and I have ventured north and invaded the cabin of our good friends.  These are no ordinary friends - the girls refer to "auntie and uncle" and even the "parents" that are there have become Grandma and Grandpa.  This is easily the best weekend our family has all summer = Fourth of July at the Cabin.

Previous years are highlighted {here} and {here}
And even the first time I used this super smart packing tip with baggies {here}.  Genius.

This year is the first year that all three littles are "old" enough to kinda get in on the fun.  Liv's first trip was in 2010, so she's been around a time or two, but now Avery and Sidney are going to get into the fun more this summer.  More swimming, more boating, more glow sticks at night. And definitely more red, white and blue fashion!

We gathered the girls and put together these super cute tanks with a little fabric paint, a foam brush and some waxed paper.

This isn't exactly a tutorial because I take it most of my readers are pretty smart.  You take your kid's hand, dip it in the paint, press.

Paint the lines.

Embellish as you want.  Done.

However, I do have tips!

Choosing your "lining" carefully when it comes to painting a shirt.  With the little girls' shirts, I used waxed paper because the fabric was more of a knit and didn't stretch much (read: more forgiving).  Liv's "kid" shirt was ribbed so I did my best to have a "natural wear" over cardboard and used clothespins to hold it in place for painting.  The ribbing obviously stretches when she puts it on and off, but the holding-in-place-while-painitng helps prevent the crazy placement that could otherwise occur.

Read the label.  I know I'm not the first to say this, but hello, it always helps to read ALL directions before you start a project.  My paint suggested washing fabric ahead of time.  A good thing to know so you don't have a 20-month old over to paint and realize that her shirt isn't quite ready!

Fabric paint is designed to be permanent.  It is.  Trust me.  During the bottle opening ceremony, I had a opening-a-carton-of-yogurt experience.  It landed on our carpet.  I hate our carpet and want to replace it.  Luckily for me, Nate is on the same page.  Now if only our bank account would jump on board.  But I digress -- treat this stuff like permanent marker.  It washed off the kiddos' hands easily enough with warm water and soap, but assume that all other materials are fair game to make a lasting impression.

Have fun.  Even if it's permanent, this project is designed to be playful.  And especially when you're dealing with a holiday theme, I imagine these shirts are going to get about a day's worth of wear.  If the handprint isn't perfect, who cares?  If they want to put a bunch of glitter on one-square inch, who cares?  Sure, a perfect design makes for pretty pictures, but you had this idea because you wanted it to be a fun memory for THEm right?  Let them be little (but watch out for your carpet!)

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Dawn said...

Aww, I just made these tank tops with my girls the other day! :) So Fun!

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