{diy} Painted Wall Art

This project has been, by far, one of my favorites that I've done.  I don't consider myself a great artist, or real handy when it comes to a paint brush, but this project turned out pretty well that I might reconsider!

I found inspiration from {this} blogger who found her own inspiration.  Isn't the internet great?  We're just sharing ideas about cookies and painting (and not about deep government consipracies).  While I loved her take on things, the directions were exactly crystal clear, especially for those less-than-great-math people and non-artists.  Hopefully my tutorial fills in some of those gaps.

Or just inspires you to create your own.
Or just brags about how cute the photo wall is in the girls' new room.
Any of the above would be a win for me!

Let's get started:
  • You'll want a canvas or board, any size
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Ruler and/or straight-edge
  • Circle template - size to be determined based on the size of your overall canvas (more details in the tutorial)
  • Paint (I used acrylic) - I'd recommend at least 6-7 colors to make the design random without running the risk of "like colors" touching each other on the canvas
  • Small paint brush, good for detail work
To start, figure out how large you want your "flower bursts" to be.  You could do a very small version to a very large, dramatic shape.  Being the math-incompetant that I mentioned, I stuck to round numbers.  My canvas is 10" x 14", so I used a 4" circle.  Even numbers make me happy.

Now we need some straight guide lines.  Because my circle was 4 inches, I took half of that to draw my grid, 2 inches apart.  See why I like even numbers?  Once you have your grid, it's time to draw some circles.

Now for drawing the circles - hopefully my instructions are helpful!

  • Starting on your top line, draw circles edge to edge.  Don't worry about being super perfect, you can fix the shapes with your paint.  Try to draw lightly, you'll be doing some erasing when we're all done.
  • Move to your 2nd line and now stagger the circle - you'll end up drawing half circles and that's OK.
  • Keep moving down, staggering as you go.
  • You'll have to go back to your top line and finish the stagger, half circle pattern.
  • And now you've got your blossoms!!

Here's the fun.  Start painting!  I started with a handful of each in a color and ended up going back and adding as I went to make sure there was a balance and shape that I was going for.  Leave some white space as you see fit, not every "leaf" needs to be painted.  Or do them all - it's your art!

Things will start to come together and you'll start to get really excited.  And you should!  This is a totally unique thing that people will comment on every time they see it and you can say I MADE THAT!  Even if it's not a completely original idea, it's completely original to you, and that's OK to brag about!  When everything set and dried, go back and erase your pencil lines from the white space and make sure things are neat and clean.


Silhouette art via {Olive & Birch} and {this tutorial}
{Washi Tape Letters}
I'll Eat You Up print via {Olive & Birch}

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Cindy said...

I love your painting and what a fun technique! Thanks for sharing.. I'll be back for more ideas! Keep Creating.. Cindy @ sunsetcoasting.blogspot.com

Marilyn Clark said...

Wow, this is beautiful! Well Done!

Therena Taylor said...

So cute! I love this idea!

Trish - Mom On Timeout said...

I just love how this turned out! So awesome!

Emily Morgenstern said...

Beautiful! I love how it turned out!

I featured you this week: http://www.52mantels.com/2013/07/diy-home-decor.html

Darla Walsh said...

The places are amazing! I love your picture and what a fun method! Thanks for sharing.. I'll be back for more ideas!

posted by lisadurham | childrens wall stickers

Darla Walsh said...

The places are amazing! I love your picture and what a fun method! Thanks for sharing.. I'll be back for more ideas!

posted by Lisa Durham | childrens wall stickers

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