Deep End of the Pool

This title isn't a deep metaphor.
It's literally about Liv learning to swim in the deep end of the pool, without any floaty or life jacket.
And it's a small milestone to some, but listen:

This girl is only 4.
And then, she's FOUR.  Outloud, without fear or reservation.

Nate and I have a family history with water.
I walked in to the pool one afternoon as a small girl and my parents turned around to find me wide-eyed under water.
Nate's brother drowned days before his 3rd birthday.
Another brother nearly drowned, was in a coma and has never been the same since he woke.
We kinda have a thing about water safety.

So having Liv be comfortable, even in a panic, to buy us a few extra seconds was always a blessing.
This weekend, she took major strides - or strokes - as it were.
She swam between Nate, myself and my mom in the deep end of the pool.
She eventually swam across the pool, maybe about 12 feet.
Then she jumped into the pool and swam to the side.

All of this is fun, but it's crazy for me to watch this little person become a person.
It was like watching her take steps for the first time - that memory is still so vivid in my mind, I can see it now.  Chubby little arms and legs working like Frankenstein to move three steps in a row, falling with a smile and giggle into my arms.  I squealed myself, and cheered for more, (foolishly) encouraging her to do it again!

So she swam.
She's a swimmer.
She swims.
A little like "What About Bob" but it'll do.

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