things that bug me (but probably shouldn't)

Everyone has their "thing."
That thing that just makes their skin crawl.
Mine is snapping gum.  Blowing bubbles and then sucking it back into your mouth repeatedly to make the "snap snap snap" that grates on my eardrums.
Hate it.  Think it's super tacky and trashy.

But there are other random things that I need to vent about, maybe in the hopes that I might cast a net wide enough to find a friend in common, so I don't feel super crazy/picky/bitchy or otherwise!

Stuffed Animals in Car Windows
Seriously, are you 13?  You don't need a Beenie Baby hanging from your rear view, or a stupid pack of turtles in the back window of your Corolla.  It's a safely hazard and lame.

Bumper Stickers
While we're on the subject of annoying-stuff-in-cars, this is also at the top of the list.  Remember the week I told you about the bumper sticker that read "I {heart} My Husband"  Isn't this implied.  I don't think I need to share this on my vehicle.  Does that make me a less loving wife.  Yes you love bacon, support that politician, have a kid at that school - WHO CARES?!!?

Kids who talk with Pacifiers
Avery is 100% guilty of this, which is maybe where my annoyance stems.  To appease some tantrums, I have allowed this indulgence - kill me now.  And then she tries to talk, clenched-teeth, around it and it drives me nuts.  At 2, Avery's hard enough to understand to begin with, and clearly, if you're calm enough to talk, you're calm enough to take that stupid thing out of your mouth.  I will, however, 100% endorse this over a thumb-sucker.  Dealt with that.  Can't cut that thing off.  You can take away a paci!

Shopping Lurkers
You know these people.  You're shopping the sale rack and the moment you look and something and set it down, they swoop in to see what treasure you've abandoned, relinquishing you of any second thoughts you may have.  Back up, give a girl some room.  There's a certain respect of personal space and if you miss out, you miss out.  I promise, the sun will rise tomorrow.

Poor Grammar
Words like "irregardless" or even the misuse of "you" and "I" in a sentence grates on me.  Lemme give you a little trick - when explain something between you and someone else, if take out the other person, that's how you know the sentence is correct.  Such as:  Molly and {XX} ate too much creme brule.  Would I say "I ate" or "me ate"?  Problem solved!

Mismatched Clothing 
Apparently this is a thing this summer.  I subscribe the philosophy:  busy doesn't go with busy.  You can mix patterns and prints, but let's not go crazy.  There's a fine line between being stylist and just looking like a homeless person.

What bugs you???  Tell me I'm not alone here!

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Southern Sass said...

Stuffed animals in the car and bumper stickers drive me crazy! I also hate those stick figure family decals that people put on their car windows.

Kayla McLemore said...

Stuffed animals for sure. OR when someone lets their kids' room pile high with stuffed animals. Can't stand it. Good thing I'm not alone!

Shana Scott said...

I'm with you on the talking with a pacifier...or anything in your mouth for that matter! If you do it, I walk away!!! ;-)

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