So What Wednesday

We'll see how this week goes.  For some reason, I've only able to find crabby pants in my closet (even though I wore a dress yesterday) and have been kinda of a big B.  I don't meant to be.  I should be super happy - the weather has turned (for now), the sun is shining (for now), I'm getting to the gym (for now)... Maybe be the end of this SO WHAT I'll have a happier outlook... we'll see!

So What Wednesday

  • I put a full face of makeup and ton of hair product in for Liv's pictures on Monday and she still hasn't had a bath.  Relax, I did wash her face at least!
  • I got seriously annoyed at work when someone told me that they were going to offer unsolicited grammar advice on my writing.  Thanks.  BA in English - you, maybe a high school diploma.  I got this. {see, I warned you about the crabby pants!}
  • With warmer days, the girls smell like sunscreen, sweat and dirt.  I love that smell.
  • Nate bought his second suit in his entire life this weekend for a fancy fundraiser we're going to on Saturday.  Watch for Instagram pics!!
  • I love Mad Men, but hate hate hate their previews for "next week."  It's like 4 word sound bites from each character that give zero context for next week's episode.  
  • I also love Game of Thrones, but they need to get back to the action!  I feel this entire season has been a lot of talking and waiting.... Where's the excitement and cliffhangers that I feel in love with?!
  • I got more than a little irritated at the hubs for asking what I wanted for Mother's Day.  Don't you know me enough by now to make an educated guess??  (And don't worry, I said this to his face, it's not like he's learning this on the blog today!)
  • Even though I cannot take credit for the idea, I'm super duper excited about how cute the girls' Fairy Gardens turned out!  What a clever thing to do and keep them occupied for a few hours!
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