So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday is here!  Happy half-way-to-the-weekend!!

So What Wednesday

  • I made it through a field trip to the zoo with 4 and 5-year olds.  Nothing wrong with that, just think it deserves a little fanfare.
  • Super proud to be witness Minnesota history as we became the 12th state in the union to recognize same-sex marriage.  Read more on my thoughts {here}
  • I love that Avery is talking more, but she's learning to talk back from her sister.  *thumbs down*
  • I had to shove TP into my heels on Saturday to keep my shoes from falling off!  They're like a 1/2 size too big, but I just love them!
  • Too often, I've been lying to the kids that something is broken because I don't want to play with the (noisy, obnoxious, LOUD) toy.
  • I had to watch Monster's Inc. while I was working in my office because Hulu wasn't streaming fast enough to my iPad.  (I'm using the word "had" very loosely.)
  • I dislike baseball so much.  I try to get into the American, summer sport, but when watching a game and they show players in the dugout yawning and not paying attention - I know I'm not the only person who's bored to death!
  • We are seriously regretting the bunk bed for Avery.  Freedom to roam + a 2-year old's stubborn personality = a lot of shouting at bedtime.
  • In my brainstorming for future posts, I've come across:  why being a SAHM is harder than a I thought, how I'm trying to be a sexier wife, reasons I need to be a better friend.
How's your week going??

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